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MYR 4.45 MYR 3.80 Availability: In Stock
URGO Waterproof plasters resist to water and bacteria thus ideal in wet conditions ( sea, swimming-pools, baths, showers…)
Product Code:10262540
MYR 24.75 MYR 20.90 Availability: In Stock
URGO Mouth Ulcers is a Filmogel® ready-to-use liquid plaster indicated in the treatment of minor mouth ulceration (1 to 2 mouth ulcers per episode with a diameter < 1 cm) and in minor wounds affecting the mucous membrane inside the mouth.
Product Code:10373770
MYR 37.65 MYR 31.90 Availability: In Stock
Ready-to-use gel dressing to be used at the first signs of a cold sore (itching, burns).
Product Code:10373780
MYR 3.72 MYR 3.10 Availability: In Stock
Help protect small wounds, scratches, torn skin, needle marks
Product Code:10386920
MYR 11.02 MYR 9.40 Availability: In Stock
Urgo Washproof ventilation and impermeable, high viscosity helps to protect minor wounds, cuts, abrasions, scratches, torn skin, needle marks .
Product Code:10398700
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