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Live-well OCCUsharp helps increase the concentration of Lutein and Zeaxanthin in the lens, retina and macula leading to Healthier Eyesight and SHARPER Vision.
Product Code:10384180
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Osteoporosis which literally means porous bone is a disease in which the bone density is reduced.As bone become more porous,weak,brittle , the risk of fracture is greatly increased.
Product Code:10391660
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The 6-in-1 Comprehensive Herbal Formula to Support Liver Functions.
Product Code:10914510
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The One-a-day Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement (with 19 Essential Nutrients incl. Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium, Vanadium & Biotin) Specially for Diabetics & Pre-Diabetics.
Product Code:10922560
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Live-well CUMIN is a Standardized Extract of Turmeric containing min 95% curcuminoids fortified with Patented Bioperine ingredient for enhanced absorption. Although the medicinal properties of TURMERIC, the bright-yellow spice used in curries, have been known for centuries, it is only in recent years that scientists have started to recognise a wide range of health benefits. Research activity on CURCUMINOIDS, the active compound in TURMERIC, has increased in the last few years. The U.S National Institute of Health has four on-going clinical trials to test CURCUMINDOIDS for health conditions. CURCUMINOIDS is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. Poor absorption means that you will not obtain all the benefits which CURCUMINOIDS offers. When Bioperine®patented black pepper extract is added into the formulation, the absorption of CURCUMINOIDS is increased which makes Live-wellTM CUMIN more effective. It is suitable for those concerned about age-related health conditions can consider taking Live-wellTM CUMIN to ensure full health benefits and for general well-being.
Product Code:10931960
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Helps rebuild joint cartilage and promote healthy connective tissues for improved joint flexibility.
Product Code:10935240
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Helps rebuild joint cartilage and promote healthy connective tissues for improved joint flexibility.
Product Code:10935250
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The 4 vitamin Es are powerful antioxidants that protects against free radical damage in the body. Free radicals are implicated in more than 60 degenerative diseases from heart disease to diabetes and from cancer to Alzheimer's disease.
Product Code:10944860
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A supplement for diabetics to help regenerate damaged peripheral nerves.
Product Code:10978020
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