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MYR 35.95 MYR 28.80 Availability: In Stock
To prevents infection,relieves inflammation and aids the natural healing process for minor wounds,minor skin irritations,pimples,cuts,scratches and insect bite/stings
Product Code:10115850
MYR 28.95 MYR 23.10 Availability: In Stock
Is a clear, concentrated gel for acne prone and problem skin; it penetrates into the skin and helps to dry pimples and prevent acne. Ideal for whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and acne.
Product Code:10115870
MYR 25.50 MYR 20.40 Availability: In Stock
A face wash cleanser for daily use with antiseptic and antibacterial action to remove excess oil. Suitable for oily skin. Contains Chamomile Flower to soothe inflamed, irritated skin and Tea Tree Oil to help control bacteria responsible for oily skin.
Product Code:10392370
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